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    Service Call Charge      $49.00  

    This covers the technician coming out to your home, accessing the problem and giving you a repair quote on the spot .

    Broken Springs

    Replacing broken springs can be dangerous without the proper tools and know-how. We can replace your broken springs safely, taking all the worry out of your repair. We carry all the major sizes and will install the proper springs for your door. We ensure that we install the correct springs to balance your door.

    Frayed & Broken Cables

    Frayed and broken cables are another potentially dangerous repair situation as the cable may still be under tension. Frayed or broken cables should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the door or to avoid injury. We can safely replace the worn or broken cable.

    Bent & Damaged Sections

    Bent or damaged sections of your door may be repairable. If so, we can get the job done if your panel is available and in stock . If the damaged section requires replacement we can get complete the work completed quickly. We also ensure that any replacement sections are a match to the existing door.

    Noisy Garage Door

    A noisy door is trying to tell you something. Noisy door operation could indicate a number of different potential problems – there could be an issue with the spring line system – the door track may need adjustment – or maybe the door simply needs to be lubed for proper operation. We’ll provide a free inspection and free estimate to determine what the problem is and fix it.

    Garage Door Off Track

    A door that’s off the track can be dangerous and should be corrected by a trained technician. In most cases this can be repaired. We will professionally reset your door and ensure proper safe operation. If the door does need to be replaced, we offer a free estimate on site.

    Garage Door Not Working

    If your garage door is just not working our expert technician will come out the same day. Our free inspection and free estimate will let you know exactly what is needed to safely get your door operating properly.


    Make Your Appointment Now For A Free Estimate

    Daytime and Evening Hours Available

    We know that not everyone has the ability to be home during the day for an estimate or for a garage door repair. Now we offer convenient nighttime hours.

    Call now to speak to a customer service representative to set up an appointment that works for you !

    We offer emergency services and same-day services. Our service trucks are fully stocked with replacement parts for all your Garage Door repairs.