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    New Garage Door Installation


    If you want to immediately increase the curb appeal of your home or business, a valuable upgrade is a New Garage Door. Not only is the beauty of your home or office altered by a new garage door, a new
    door increases the functionality of your building.

    Fully Stocked Vans


    If you are in need on any type of a repair, all our vans are fully stocked daily so we can preform same day service. That is our guarantee to you !

    Automatic Garage Door Openers

    Upgrading to the newest MyQ technology is fairly common among home and business owners, but have you considered upgrading to the  new technology used in your garage door openers? Call now for a Free Estimate on your new automatic garage door opener .

    Spring Repair

    Door not opening or closing ? You may need a spring repair .Torsion springs are directly above the door. Extension spring systems run along and parallel to the track.  Our technicians here at Samson Garage Doors are prepared to repair both types of systems in a single visit.

    Cable repair

    Another problem can be a cable-repair malfunctioning garage door .Cables can cause problems for your entire system. It is important to get them maintenance often to prevent wear and tear that occurs naturally over the years. Ask your technician about our yearly maintenance plan to save you money on repair costs

    Spring System Conversion

    We can help you convert from an extension spring system to a torsion spring system for your garage door.

    Torsion springs are preferred by most fitters and owners of garage doors, regardless of whether they are being used for commercial or residential premises. There are many reasons they are preferred over extension springs, including:

    • They last longer and are sturdier
    • They allow for greater control and more movement
    • They use fewer parts
    • They are safer during breaks

    There are times when extension springs may be preferred, such as when there is very limited headroom. But if you have a new or even an old garage door, there’s a good chance you already have torsion springs.


    Make Your Appointment Now For A Free Estimate

    Daytime and Evening Hours Available

    We know that not everyone has the ability to be home during the day for an estimate or for a garage door repair. Now we offer convenient nighttime hours.

    Call now to speak to a customer service representative to set up an appointment that works for you !