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    Samson Garage Doors can repair any broken garage door in Pittsburgh, pa and the best part – we can do that today!  Samson Garage Doors cable-repair repairs the majority of garage door issues on the first visit, thanks to the fact that our technicians carry with them the parts which are required to complete the repair on the spot. And since we service all kinds of garage doors in Pittsburgh, and due to the fact that can repair any of garage door problem (As long as we follow safety guidelines), we can repair or replace any broken garage door cable. If you are looking for a company who service garage door in Pittsburgh, Samson Garage Doors are ready to help. Whether you are looking for garage door repair in the Pittsburgh, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs.

    The impact of a wire that broke over garage door can be that the door will not open, will not close, the door will go out of balance (Or off tracks in some cases), and more. The symptoms are almost identical to the affect that a broken garage door spring has over the door. The steel wires, which are part of the garage door mechanism, make the connection between the garage door’s spring system and garage door itself, and since without the cables the tension of the spring get lost, and since the garage door cables carry the weight of the garage door; if the cable snap, the door is unsafe for use.

    Broken And Damaged Garage Door Cable Repair

    Cable-repair Malfunctioning garage door cables can cause problems for your entire system. It is important to get them maintenance often to prevent wear and tear that occurs naturally over the years. In the event your garage door cables break or malfunction from natural wear and tear or some other cause, we can help you fix it. Our experts will help you replace or repair your damaged garage door cables quickly and efficiently.

    Why garage cables snap?

    Usually, when you notice that the garage door cable snapped, you ask yourself what is the reason that the cable snapped. And it is impossible to give one general answer, since there are many possible explanations that can lead to a snapped garage cable. We would like to present few possible explanations to a broken steel cable, but again, this is only a partial list. And it is possible that the steel wire of the garage door you own snapped for a different reason.

    Sometime the explanation is simply that the cable was installed far too many years ago, and got weakened over the years. But if the door is relatively new, and the explanation is within the garage door itself, you need a professional garage door technician who can locate the reason the cable snapped and address it as well.

    Avoid risks and do not use a broken garage door!

    Sometime the garage cable snap, but the door can still move. The garage doors are equipped with 2 cables. And since the door can partly operate, you might mistakenly assume that he can go on and use the door like that, but that will be a risky mistake. As we explained earlier in our post, the entire weight of the door will be on the remaining cable, and it can easily break as well, resulting a dangerous situation of a heavy garage door which connected to nothing.

    One more thing: Using an automatic garage door opener while there is a problem with the mechanism can result with damage to the garage motor. If you own automatic door opener, do not use it if there is something wrong with the door, it is for your safety.



    We offer both 24/7 emergency services and same-day services. We keep our trucks stocked with replacement parts to get your project completed as quickly as possible.